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Area chief Machache during the conflict resolution meeting
16. 09. 10
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 For a long time Kashani village in Bamburi location has been experiencing cases of land grabbing.  The situation has been catalyzed by youth who invade empty plots and sell them cheaply to unsuspecting clients, thus severely straining the relationship between the youth and land owners.

 Such incidences have been the source of conflict and tension in the area because of demolitions and evictions that take place when the owners move to reclaim their land.

However, the threat to peace and security may soon be a thing of the past after KECOSCE moved to train the community in peace, security and conflict resolution mechanisms.

The training was done after the Utange Location level peace committee monitored youth gangs that were being used to grab land and cause tension in the area. 

The committee, using the skills acquired from training provided by KECOSCE through the Building Resilience in Civil Society (BRICS) program, organized a conflict resolution meeting with the youth and land owners to discuss, and find sustainable solutions to the land grabbing problem in the locality. 

The meeting was attended by 91 people comprising of youth involved in allocating themselves land that they identified as belonging to private developers. 

During the meeting the area assistant chief Mr. Machache encouraged the youth to maintain peace and co-existence and stop invading peoples' property. 

The meeting was successful in identifying who the youth are, motivating them to dialogue and disclose who was behind land grabbing and evictions in Kisauni, and finding solutions to the problem. 

After the meeting, a committee comprising of land owners, youth, ward administrator and peace committee members was formed. They promised to work together to bring peace and curb tension among community members living in Kashani and the surrounding area.

Bamburi ward administrator Mr. Washe Chishenga urged the youth to engage in devolved funds from the county government. “Participating in the funds will ensure that the youth are economically occupied and benefitting thus eradicating land grabbing conflict and other vices associated with idleness.”