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Nga'ng'a and Catherine during a clean up at Cheifs camp
16. 08. 23
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Since the intervention of Kenya Community Support Centre through the Building Partnerships for peace and security for countering violent extremism project in Mombasa County, youth have been engaged in challenge activities which involves voluntary clean up exercise together with the police and government officers. The whole idea of the exercise is to build confidence and relations between the police and youth as they interact. It has also provided a good platform for the youth to be aware of the roles of police and administrative security officers including the chiefs.

In Likoni these interactions have been fruitful; the youth have gone further to bolster their relationships with the police for information sharing through a Whatsapp group (Likoni Youth and Police). Every day security updates and alerts are shared by the youth while police provide feedback on the platform. They have been sharing security information of different places in the sub-county. Employment opportunities have also been advertised in the same group, with the most recent being the police service recruitment, prison officers and National Youth Service Recruitment.  

In their regular police swoops, as they conduct their security patrols. Police arrested suspected youth after an alert was raised on increasing criminal gang activity in Likoni. During the swoops, three youth leaders and volunteers, Salim Ali and 2 other were apprehended amongst offenders. Salim is a member of the whatsapp group Likoni youth and police. On notifying other leaders in the group the erroneously arrested youth were released after negotiations were made by the youth leaders and the Officer Commanding Police Division (OCPD) in Likoni. 

After the whole incident, Another youth Ng'ang'a thanked Madam Catherine an Administration police constable for her help. He narrowly evaded arrest during the same night. In a previous youth challenge at the Chiefs camp Likoni Nga'ng'a had offered her a broom.

.“Had it not been the activity at the chief camp, then I don’t know where I would be right now. During that police patrol, I was almost arrested but there was this Madam with the Administration Police (AP) uniform that remembered me and my kind gesture after I gave her a sweeping broom that helped me out. This has continued to change the way I perceive the police. Thanks so much KECOSCE for this initiative and may God Bless you. I urge all the youth to be actively participating in such those activities that involve the police; you never know when you’ll be in need.” Said Salim.