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Shekha (in buibui) addressing partcipants during a reflective meeting at KECOSCE office
16. 08. 03
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For a very long time youth within Mombasa have neglected and never trust the office of their chiefs within their locations, this is due to majority of youth being harassed especially when they are processing identity cards. This has contributed to youth losing confidence in report incidence to the administration and also others not knowing their area chiefs offices.

 Through the BRICS project, Kenya Community Support Centre KECOSCE has challenged youth to come up with innovative approaches towards improving their relationships with law enforcement officials thus enhancing community resilience to violent extremism. This challenge has led to youth conducting weekly events conducted jointly between the youth and law enforcers such as clean ups at the police station and government administration offices such as chief camps, police stations and at social amenities like hospitals etc.

In Tudor location youth from the area organised a youth challenge to practise patriotism at the chief camp approximately 100 youth attended.These events was a platform  to changing youth perception on law enforcement officers, in a shift of paradigm; chief office opened their doors to the youth and upon them to take advantage of it.  Youth leaders were able to not only freely interact with the chief but also work together towards a common goal, for the chief it was an opportunity to socialize with the youth and emphasized them to visit his officer frequently to get information's from the government and take advantage of government initiative which some are being challenge to chiefs offices.
For Sheikah Salim who lives in Tudor location she has never been in the chief offices she says "Initially my thoughts were that the officers at the chief’s camp are arrogant, selfish, corrupt, retarded and slow to assist. However, my visit to the chiefs’ office change my mind set about the place. The chief, Madam Halima welcomed us with a friendly gesture which was not to my expectations".
After the chief called to order the meeting chiefs gave us an opportunity to open our grievances and she responded very well.
The meeting took two hours where I felt like am at home, i didn’t want the meeting to finish cause of the beautiful speeches and advices which were given out to the youths by the chief, the chief encouraged the youths of more projects so as to go get funds and to not stay idle and say there are no funds, talked about trainings e.g. medical trainings, leadership trainings the youth should engage themselves and get more knowledge, the youths should volunteer themselves in many activities so as they are recognized by the community for their good reputation. I was so touched and happy on how the chief was so concerned about the youth and the community as a whole it Made me realize I really need to know more about my community, that’s when I knew my chiefs, I knew some of the youths from my area.
Sheikah says “I have gained confidence and courage in working with administration and also being able to share any alert and information to my area chief which might trigger insecurity in my area and Tudor location at large big thanks to KECOSCE through the BRICS project''.