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Marwa slams Kisauni Wakali Kwanza gang

The Star Newspaper

July 16, 2015


Wealthy and influential individuals finance the Wakali Kwanza gang, the Mombasa county commissioner has said.Nelson Marwa said the youth, whose name implies “survival of the fittest”, is to blame for crimes in Kisauni.Marwa said the gang is a militia specifically prepared for the 2017 polls.“These are militias being prepared to disrupt peace and intimidate people,” he told the press in his office on Tuesday.The county commissioner has ordered a crackdown on the gang, which has splinter groups called ‘Wakali Wao’ (the toughest of them all) and ‘Wakali Kweli’ (truly tough).

Marwa wants the group’s financiers arrested.He said gang members are paid Sh500 when they go for an operation.“They will know that the government is the toughest of them all,” Marwa said.Kisauni residents said the gang attacks people and hijacks matatus, sometimes even during the day.They walk in groups of about 10-15 members, wielding knives and pangas.“How do you fight a government with knives?” Marwa said. He said the gang’s financiers are taking advantage of youth unemployment.Marwa said the members jog from Shimo la Tewa, through Utange, Mwakirunge, Bamburi Mwisho, Mwembe Legeza and into the Jomo Kenyatta public beach, on bare feet.“If you truly care about the youth and want to give them jobs, why don’t you buy them shoes?” he said.