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Extortion gang reigns in Kisauni


May 15, 2015


Residents of Kisauni have urged the government to crack the whip on a panga-wielding gang known as Wakali Kwanza.The group is made up of youth aged between 10 and 25.They walk in groups of between eight to 15, wielding pangas and extorting money from matatus plying the Kisauni-Bamburi route.The gang members position themselves at Soko Mjinga, Hongera and Msikitini stages.Sources told the Star the group, which has about 100 youth, trains daily at Manyani beach in Mishomoroni from 5am to 8am.

The gang robs people on public beaches such as Jomo Kenyatta, Nyali and Mombasa, after 6pm.Mombasa police commander Robert Kitur on Wednesday told the Star he is not aware of the group as nobody has reported it.We do our patrols and we arrest anyone who disrupts peace. We have not come across a gang by that name,” he said.