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Mombasa reads Sh10.9bn budget

The star Newspaper

June 27, 2015


Health, Infrastructure and Youth departments are the three major beneficiaries in the Sh10.9 billion budget for Mombasa county in the 2015-16 financial year.The health docket has received Sh842 million, the highest amount in the budget read by Finance executive Hazel Koitaba on Thursday.The Transport and Infrastructure docket got Sh564 million.Sh100 million will buy a new ferry for the Mtongwe crossing channel, while youth will get Sh360 million to nurture and grow their talents and also start development projects.Tourism was allocated Sh170 million and Sh102 million for Agriculture.

Trade and Water dockets will get Sh71 million and Sh37.5 million respectively.Koitaba said 38 per cent (Sh4.1 billion) of the budget will be spend on development while 62 per cent (Sh6.8 billion) will go to recurrent expenditure.“We intend to implement the budget with our own county revenue of Sh5.2 billion and another Sh5.7 billion from the national government coffers,” he said.Trade, Energy and Industrialisation dockets have been given a target of Sh1.5 billion in revenue collection, same as the Lands, Planning and Housing department.The Transport and Infrastructure department will raise Sh1.2 billion, while the Water, Environment and Natural Resources department will collect Sh600 million.The Health department has a target of Sh300 million and Sh40 million for the Tourism, Development and Culture department.Governor Hassan Joho said the amount of money set aside for the youth is informed by the fact that Mombasa has the highest percentage of unemployed youth in the country.